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badass stories

my badass story is when i got my ass kicked at warped tour by these guys, one of them came up to me and said "what's 5 times 3, and i'm like, "15 bitch", and he's all like at the drive in sucks and his friend socked me in the back of the head with a dirty wet rag, so i turned around and punched him quick between the eyes, then got lost quick and went to see taking back sunday where i got my ass flipped over some big fat ska guys shoulder, then some ugly skater bitch landed on me. flattened me hardcore style. that's true billy badass/ bobby bane/ clayvon of doom.
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billy badasss? lol so jake you sure you gonna take us to fallout boy/silverstein/gymclass heroes(the best group) recruit some friends dammit we need some people. also, you just watch my bobby bane dance will knock you out at the next concert.