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Badasses United
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Well if you're a badass you can join this community it will require a quick interview but its worth it because we're badass and you can be too. Before you take the interview i advise you learn what chode and clayvon are if you know you'll be okay. And also you need to tell us something really badass you did and we'll approve if its badass enough. Trust me this community is badass. Don't believe me? who cares no ones making you join its you're loss america.
a change of pace, all your base, aviators, badass chodes, badass dinners, badass people from guam, badass stunts, being badass, bicycleta's, birls, che, chodemeisters, chodes, chodists, clapoops, clayvons, doing crap, dweenis's, emo music, flamin' hot munchies, from first to last, goys, guam, jalepeno poppers, jazzercising, kesh means autistic, keshers, kik?, maddox, mopery, music, pants, raw chodes, round elm chodes, saladfingers, scary kids scaring kids, screamo, snyder's, wethotamericansummer